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The main reason you should keep your roof as snow-free as possible is that it’s crucial for preventing ice dams from forming on your roof. Another reason roof snow removal is so important is that it’s a good idea to keep all that excess weight off your roof.  As a rule of thumb, one square-foot of snow that’s one-inch in depth weighs about a pound.  If your roof has 12 inches of snow on it, that could easily amount to thousands of pounds of stress on your roof.  That’s not even counting the weight of any ice dams that may form as a result of leaving the snow on your roof; just one cubic foot of ice weighs 57 pounds, and a typical ice dam can weigh thousands of pounds.  Minimizing the stress placed on your roof is a great way to minimize the risk of leaking and cave-ins.

It can be very dangerous for homeowners to get up on their roof in the winter. We advise those that can’t remove the snow from the ground with a roof rake to call MOW N GO for help.

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